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Late mover disadvantage

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Industry leaders are focusing on AI for customer service and operations, enabling further process improvements through lessons learned and analytics gained from them, while the rest of the industry is still streamlining processes.

So here are some data points to support that. AI, IA, ML, Blockchain, and cloud are ones of the most exciting technologies in the Financial Services — and the numbers confirm that with at least 72% of banking executives believing the industry will be transformed entirely by AI and 34% assume similar role for blockchain. - However, merely agreeing or disagreeing is not enough as over 1/3 of industry leaders have implemented above solutions already, while only a fraction of the rest of the industry has done so - under 5% for IA, 7% of data strategy, 2% for Blockchain. Something to think about while building guardrails, streamlining processes, and focusing on quick wins instead of your company's end-to-end Transformation.

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